Scientific Name:

Geranium maculatum

Common Name:

Spotted Geranium

Scientific Name Pronounciation:

jer-AY-nee-um mak-yuh-LAH-tum

Plant Type:


Plant Hardiness Zones:


Plant Hardiness Zone(s):

Usual Size:

18-24 in. H X 12-18 in. W


Pink, saucer-shaped flowers with a beak in the center

Bloom Time Notes:

Late spring


Deeply and palmately lobed


A beak-shaped capsule


Natural Habitat:

Rich woods


By division of the rhizomes and by seed.

Bloom Time:

Sun or Shade:

Companion Plants:

Cultural Notes:

Spotted Geranium (Geranium maculatum) grows best in a humus-y, moist soil in partial shade to full sun; will naturalize readily if conditions are good; if soil gets dry in summer, the leaves will turn yellow.

Can be dug bare root if the roots are protected from excessive drying; if the stem separates from the roots, plant the roots at the same level as they were originally growing, and the plant will resprout either later in the season or next season.

This plant makes a nice mound that is covered with flowers in ideal conditions.

Other Common Names: Cranesbill


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