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Beautyberry Gardens

Phone Number: 4043073135


GNPS Chapters Served (see specific areas below):

Address: 617 Clairmont Circle , Decatur, Dekalb County, GA  30033

Delivery Area: 5 mile radius of 30030

Native Plant Inventory: 90-99% Native

Plant Availability: Online retail, with pickup or delivery (within a specified service area), Plant sales, farmers' markets, and other events

Seasonality, if any: Mar 1 to June 1st, Sept 1st to Nov 1st

Carries Category 1 Invasives: No
Carries Category 2 invasives: No
Carries Category 3 Invasives: No

Planting Services, if any:

Other Services or Details: We are native design build studio and plant nursery. Also clean, quiet lawn care and maintenance (5 mile radius of 30030).

Certifications: Royal Horticultural Society, Georgis Certified Landscape Professional, Georgia Soil and Water Conservation, LEED GA


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