New GNPS Logo

In the past year, inspired by our successful transition to a new statewide structure with eight vibrant chapters, we embarked on a task to update our logo in a way that would reflect our mission and give chapters an opportunity to present a consistent branding. An outside firm was engaged, and an internal committee went through a multistage process, downselecting from eight designs to three designs and to a final selection for a new logo.

GNPS values its traditions and the fact that native plants preceded the colonization of Georgia, so our logo deliberately evokes a traditional, even rustic, feeling. It also was chosen specifically to provide a canvas for signature plants, since all of our chapters have embraced the concept of promoting a plant specific to their region, in some cases a plant of serious conservation concern. The state logo continues to highlight the original oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) adopted by our founders, using the artwork created by one of those early board members, Linda Fraser.

Some chapters are already moving forward with their custom variations, but none are officially ready to unveil. However, if you know the signature plant of a chapter, you have a pretty good idea of how it will appear. Imagine the oakleaf hydrangea replaced with the chapter plant and the state tagline (“Conservation – Education – Stewardship”) replaced with the chapter name, and you are very close. Our legacy chapters (Coastal Plain and West Georgia) may choose to use their current branding for as long as they think it is appropriate. Even at the state level, you will see a gradual transition in our web site, social media, and printed materials, and we may continue to offer “retro” merchandise indefinitely, as long as our members want it.

We hope that all members, new and old, are as excited about our new branding as we are.


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