Fungi at Berkeley Lake

Report of Berkeley Lake workday April 27, 2016

Six participants met at the Henderson Nature Preserve Park at Berkeley Lake to dig out Liriope and pull Asiatic hawksbeard. One new person had read about our workday on GNPS web page and joined us. It was a sunny late spring day. In five yard bags we removed Liriope and Asiatic hawksbeard, Youngia japonica. Growing on a log placed to slow the rain movement down the hill, we found fungi with an interesting growth pattern and coloration. A red buckeye and a spiderwort were blooming. It is encouraging to see many newly planted trees and shrubs doing well. We heard a hawk screeching but didn’t spot it.

After weeding, we enjoyed lentil soup and strawberries for lunch.

The next scheduled workday will be Wednesday, May 25, 2015, 10:00 – 12:00.


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