Report of Mary Scott Nature Park workday November 6, 2021

On November 6, 2021, six Friends of Mary Scott Nature Park and four Chamblee High School members of the Interact Club worked to remove nonnative plants from the park. We were joined by 34 members of the National Honor Society at Lakeside High School and one Boy Scout. Among the weeds that were pulled were Oriental ladiesthumb, Oriental bittersweet, English ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, Youngia japonica (Asiatic hawk’s beard), Vinca minor, and mulberryweed.

The parking oval was weeded of Youngia and mulberryweed. From the center of the walking loop trail, English ivy and Vinca minor were pulled.

Some concrete blocks from the dam were used to create crossing stones across the creek for ease of access to pull the ivy and other nonnative plants.

Bluemist and Georgia aster are blooming in the parking oval. In the center of the walking loop, clumps of Tipularia (Cranefly Orchid) are sporting their winter foliage.

The next scheduled workday will be Saturday, December 4, 2021, 2-4 pm, when we plan to continue removing nonnative plants from the park. Please bring your gardening gloves, soil knife/trowel, and kneeler to help us improve the park for birds, turtles, insects, and other wildlife.


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