NOW is the best time to pot up your favorite Georgia native plants to get ready for the first Intown Atlanta GNPS Plant Share & Swap event as part of our Annual Meeting on Sunday, September 18 at 1:00pm. Join a growing community sharing favorite native plants with each other! You will be able to exchange up to 10 plants. We suggest bringing 5 additional plants that you do not intend to exchange so intown neighbors who may have a new home or are just starting out adding native plants to their landscape can participate. Feel free to be as generous as your yard is full and help get more native plants in Atlanta yards!

Be on the lookout for more detailed information about the Annual Meeting and the Plant Share!

How to Get Ready Now for the Plant Share

  • Choose your favorite plants that are native to Georgia and growing abundantly in your yard. To protect pollinator health and wildlife, please ensure that any plants you plan to share are free of pesticides.
  • To help identify if a plant is native use a plant ID app like iNaturalist or PictureThis, join a group like Georgia Native Wildflowers and Plants, or e-mail with a picture of the plant and we’ll see if we can identify it.
  • When you dig a plant, get as much root as possible and include soil plant is growing in. Clay needs to be supplemented with “soil conditioner” found where you buy bagged garden soil. An inexpensive potting mix can be made with equal parts compost and soil conditioner.
  • Once you dig a plant, immediately put it in an individual pot and water it.
  • Label each plant with the common and botanical name (if you know it) and if it grows in the sun or shade. Any additional information about the plant such as height, bloom color and time, moisture requirement, or habitat value would be an appreciated bonus!
  • Keep transplanted plants in a shady spot and water as needed until the Plant Share & Swap
  • If you’d like to get involved and help plan the Share & Swap, please e-mail

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