The following report is from Connie Ghosh, restoration site manager.

Saturday, April 13

The weather today was beautiful! Clear and sunny, great for working outdoors. Thanks to Dave C. & Jackie who had come by previously: they mowed down extensive stands of privet along the boardwalk, and pulled wisteria roots & vines from a thick bed of sand in the floodplain area.

Today we picked up trash from various places; weeded and planted native plants in fern bank area (near boardwalk bridge); cleared twigs & branches from Pavilion Garden and weeded the strip along the sidewalk; and marked off an approx. 450 sq. ft. section of woods that Dave had not mowed, and started removing invasives from it. This was to set up a demonstration of the difference between mowed versus manually-cleared areas. In a year we should be able to observe the results, which ought to be quite interesting!

The powerline right-of-way has been mowed to the ground; reduced insect activity was observed there.

Next work day is Saturday, May 11.


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