At Buffalo Creek we have had 4 formal workdays in July and August 2015. We had 20 volunteers spread over those days for a total of approx. 80 man/hours. We have removed that “blasted grass” and privet. We have moved our weeds in truck loads and we have probably removed about 8 truck loads. We did not work in June and first 2 weeks of July. The weeds took over. We have planted some ferns, cardinal flowers, mosses and other plants. Volunteers bring them in pots and we make decisions on the spot where to put them. I don’t always know exactly what has gone in so hard to give an exact accounting. Also we have many unscheduled volunteers who come weed and plant. Our folks know what needs to be done and sometimes, when they have a few minutes, they will run by and put in some plants weed the demo bed or work on the trail. We know approximately where we want what plants. That means some of us will take a few pots of things and get them in the ground as we have time.  Watch for our workdays on the calendar and join us if you can!


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